Hope Center  

located in:

Grangeville and

Kamiah, Idaho




A place to

learn  and grow

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Care to be a volunteer at one of our Centers? We need people to lead our classes, to greet people and answer the phone, and to work on special projects. If you are interested, please call 208-983-0093 or download the application, fill it out, and mail it to PO Box 504, Grangeville ID 83530.

Hope Center

We have a curriculum of over 150 classes that will help you develop new skills in:
                     money management
                     building healthy relationships
                     and much more

And we still welcome moms and dads in all the stages of pregnancy, helping them discover how their child is developing and what changes Mom can expect as the months go by on the way to the delivery date.

Give us a call or stop by either of our centers:
                     Hope Center Grangeville
                     111 N. College St.
                     (208) 983-0093
                     Mondays 1:00-5:00, Wednesdays and Fridays 1:00-4:00

                     Hope Center Kamiah
                     404 Hill St.
                     (208) 935-0376
                     Tuesdays 1:00-5:00, Thursdays 3:30-7:30

We will tell you all about our classes and what you can earn when you take them. AND all the classes are free, confidential, and can be scheduled at any time we are open - now that's convenient!