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Care to be a volunteer at one of our Centers? We need people to lead our classes, to greet people and answer the phone, and to work on special projects. If you are interested, please call 208-983-0093 or download the application, fill it out, and mail it to PO Box 504, Grangeville ID 83530.


A New Lesson


Hope Center is offering a new free lesson at both its Grangeville and Kamiah locations called  “What’s Up With E-Cigarettes.” It puts out some facts to consider about this new fad that is sweeping America. According to the teens in our area that I have spoken with, the use of e-cigarettes is becoming very popular in many of our communities.


But are e-cigs really safer than regular cigarettes? Do users really just exhale water vapor? And can they really help people quit smoking? The messages on TV and online come from companies that want to sell e-cigarettes. Isn’t it time that you got some information from a place that has no “skin in the game”?


Make an appointment to watch this 19 minute DVD that is filled with new research results and interviews with teens who are current users - and some that are past users - of e-cigarettes.


And Moms, Dads, and grandparents: wouldn’t you like to get informed about this newest thing that the kids are doing? Wouldn’t you like to take one short hour to learn about its potential dangers? You are more than welcome to come to either of our Centers for the lesson, with or without your teens. It’s good to be informed!


Here are some of the things that are already known about e-cigarettes:

· Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine

· E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals

· E-cigarettes are not regulated for their nicotine levels and can vary widely.

· Refill containers aren’t child proof and the liquid nicotine is very toxic

· The risks of secondhand vapor, which contains nicotine and tiny particles of metal, aren’t known

· The FDA has NOT approved them as a device to quit smoking


Classes are available one-on-one or in small groups. Call for an appointment: in Grangeville 983-0093. Also available at our center in Kamiah 935-0376.